Senior Counsel Astaphan Wary of Call for “Peaceful Protest”

by: - September 26, 2019
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Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan says Hon Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton’s call for peaceful protest may not be that at all.

The Opposition Leader held a press conference on Wednesday, September 25th to say that his United Workers Party wants the financial records, receipts and documents related to the Citizenship by Investment Programme and wants a response to their claim that 1.2 billion dollars is unaccounted for in the National Budget.

Senior Counsel Astaphan says the UWP Opposition has proven that their calls for peaceful protests have been anything but.

He elaborates “We have a history of Mr Lennox Linton and the UWP issuing threats and we have consequences of statements made by the leadership of the UWP that have led to the storming of the Parliament, the throwing of stones and burning of vehicles in Salisbury. [There is] the indisputable fact of the burning and rioting that took place in Roseau following a meeting at which Mr Linton made statements to the crowd and when the bacchanal started, he was there taking pictures and videos.

“The Dominican population has a clear recollection of acts of violence that if not caused by [are] associated with or convenient to the United Workers Party.”

Senior Counsel Astaphan says the Linton-led Opposition has repeatedly threatened the stability of the state.

Linton confessed yesterday that it is his opinion that CBI money was being used to purchase flights for overseas-based Dominicans to come home to vote.

On the subject of what the Opposition alleges is missing CBI funds, Astaphan says that too is unfounded conjecture.

“Mr Linton has not produced a single shred of evidence to show that money has been stolen or is in fact missing or has been misappropriated or never spent either on the housing or hotel projects.

“The so-called evidence of the $1.2bn façade, fraud or scam is all in Linton’s head. He wants to threaten the public peace on something that is in his head,”Astaphan commented.