“That’s My Opinion” Linton says of CBI-funded Flights

by: - September 26, 2019
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Hon Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton has admitted that some of his accusations are reflections of his opinion and are not factual.

Earlier this week, Dominica Vibes reported that the Hon Opposition Leader declared to a crowd of overseas-based Dominicans in St. Maarten that the Skerrit-led administration is using funds from the Citizenship by Investment programme to purchase flights for voters.

He said “If you take the money because you recognize that it is your money that they took from the sale of your passports, you accept it for that reason.”

On Wednesday, September 25th, he said that that statement was speculation when he was asked for proof of his claim.

A local resident asked at a UWP press conference, “You said that you seek truth and in St. Maarten I heard you say that Roosevelt Skerrit took money from CBI to bring people [to Dominica to vote], do you have any evidence of that?”

Hon Linton declared, “That’s my opinion, clearly stated, and I believe the opinion that I have stated.”