No Major Crises During Maria Recovery, PM Grateful

by: - September 25, 2019
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Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says he is grateful to God on his country’s behalf that Dominica came through the aftermath of Hurricane Maria without major incident.

Prime Minister Skerrit made the remarks at the recent thanksgiving and hope event which took place at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

He said Government’s proactive management following the category five hurricane was a part of the reason that Dominica did not suffer worse challenges after the disaster.

“In many regions, after natural disasters, in the absence of water, electricity and basic supplies, diseases spread and people died. Not so here in Dominica. We sourced and distributed food, drinking water and medical supplies as quickly as we could once we could navigate through the rubble. After Maria Government had appointed teams to ensure the reconnection of electricity and pipe-borne water. Within months, there was vigorous cleanup to ensure the health of citizens was protected. Today, we have advanced water projects to benefit the communities of Wesley, Woodford Hill Marigot, Salisbury, Laplaine, Boetica, Savanne Paille, Grange, Glanvillia, Picard, Bioche, Plat Ma Pierre and Morne Rachette.”

The Hon Prime Minister says although the local economy experienced a major upheaval, the interruption was brief and the possibility of a crippled economy was lessened.

“With God’s grace, our economy was restored in record time to the shock and amazement of many. The private sector was facilitated to start and reopen businesses; farmers and fishers were supported, public coffers never went unpaid not for even for one day, half a month or a month.”

It was very important to the nation’s leader that the island stand on its own two feet after the storm.

“We showed the world that we were not prepared to be a mendicant nation and people. That Dominicans were prepared to work and build back better. We have said this and as the people looked on, we did. We did it by sending the clear signal that we would reopen for international business as quickly as possible. We cleared the grounds and reopened tourist sites and as a result, Carnival Cruise Lines again bringing passengers to our shores within the space of 10 short months. A mere 10 months when people believed that it would have taken years before tourists could return to Roseau and Dominica.”

Hon Prime Minister Skerrit also named the Woodbridge Bay Port among those quickly restored and reopened “to enable trade, import and export.”

He gives thanks to God that “so much was accomplished by so few in so little time.”