Housing Revolution is Right Thing to Do -PM Skerrit

by: - September 20, 2019
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The Hon Prime Minister who is also Minister for Housing says his Housing Revolution Programme is a product of Christian obligation.

Hon Roosevelt Skerrit was speaking at a ceremony in Castle Bruce on Tuesday September 17th where 64 families were gifted keys to their own apartments.

He says shelter is a basic human need and often circumstances hinder some from meeting that need for themselves.

This is where, he says, his party feels that while it is not a Government’s obligation to provide housing, it is the right thing to do.

“The fact remains that while some of us are blessed with the opportunity to got to financial institutions and contract loans, there are some who would not be able to even open the door to the institutions for a number of reasons.

“While it is not the direct responsibility of the Government to give anyone a home, this party which I have the privilege and honor to lead has always recognized that we have an obligation as Christians to look after those who are unable to look after themselves.

“Government doesn’t owe anybody a home; the Government is seeking to reach out to the citizens and residents and provide them with a safe comfortable home that they can call theirs,” he believes.

The Hon Prime Minister is convinced that housing would have been deplorable after the hurricane Maria blow.

He asserted, “Had the Government not come forward to fix homes, we would have had tarpaulins on eight out of ten houses in Dominica. Even those of us who were insured, did not receive the full pay because we were underinsured. Some people have children or a child in university or senior citizens who get the little pension or gratuity and can’t afford it. We have to help these people.”

Those 64 families who now own the apartments were previously housed at shelters in Castle Bruce.