No More Airfare Taxes- DHTA, CHTA

by: - September 16, 2019
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More taxes for the tourism sector are not welcome.

So says Dominica’s Hotel and Tourism Association.

Kevin Francis, Executive Vice President of the DHTA says that declaration was made on behalf of all regional associations to their governments.

He explained that the tourism associations of the Caribbean agree that taxing for revenue, especially in airfare, does not help the industry.

“The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA)strongly urged governments of the region to carefully consider the impact of levelling high air travel-related expenses and fees on travel demand as they wrestle with balancing budgets, “Francis began. “CEO of the CHTA, Frank Comito, remarks that while we recognize the challenges facing countries, it is our duty to point out that taxing for additional revenue may have a reverse effect  as tourists may choose not to travel to or within the Caribbean and instead select other destinations because of the high costs of ours. In such a case, not only would governments see less tax revenue but local businesses would likely suffer.”

Francis added, “Comito commented that high upfront taxes also typically affect on-island spending by visitors who do come; they will either shorten their stay or spend less on activities, restaurants and attractions to offset the additional costs.”