Online Learning Hub Means No More Missed School Days

by: - September 13, 2019
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Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Dominica, Nikima Royer-Jno Baptiste

The newly introduced Online Learning Hub promises to bring resilience to the education system in Dominica.

This is according to CEO of Digicel Dominica, Nikima Royer-Jno.Baptiste.

Speaking at the official launching of the programme, Royer said the Learning  Hub will prevent interruptions to students’ education in the event of natural disasters.

“This will allow our students to be able to continue their education regardless of any impact or disruption to their education,” she said. “If school is closed for the day because of any threat to their safety, our students will have the opportunity to continue at home.”

Royer says while learners will find this tool useful, adults will find that it is not only of benefit to students but to all in the long term.

We’re developing that resilience for our students. Let’s not fool ourselves,” Royer stated, “We’re not the ones who will be taking advantage of the services that Digicel and the Government of Dominica will be rolling out- it’s these students who are at school right now; they’re the ones who will be in these jobs in the next five, 10, 15 years while this partnership continues and that is such an amazing thing.

“I have an 11-year-old son and by the time he finishes high school and college, he will probably be working in a job that doesn’t exist today because of the rate at which technology advances.”

The programme will allow the Ministry of Education to store and retrieve files from the cloud.