Housing Recovery Project Invites Applications

by: - September 13, 2019
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The Government of Dominica with the Ministry of Housing has recently embarked on a new Island-Wide Housing Recovery Project.
This was initiated in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017, when 90% of Dominica’s housing sector was severely affected.
Statistics show that this left over 4,500 houses destroyed and over 20,000 partially damaged.

According to Cherese Ferreira, Communications, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist for the Dominica Housing Recovery Project Implementation Unit, the application process is now open to resident homeowners in Dominica.
She told Dominica Vibes, “Successful applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will directly receive a financial grant as well as technical and administrative assistance for the reconstruction of their completely destroyed small house.”

She explained, “This project will ensure that completely damaged houses are reconstructed in accordance with internationally-recognized resilient best practices to build resilience in the housing sector.”

For further details on the criteria and application process, please contact 767 617 6521 / 767  245 1250 /767616 9766 or visit your local community council office.