DAIC Exploring Funding for SMES

by: - September 12, 2019
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Lizra Fabien


Dominica’s Association of Industry and Commerce is facilitating a platform for Small and Medium Enterprises to explore funding for their organisations.

Chair of the DAIC, Lizra Fabien, acknowledges that financing is a hot subject for small businesses and so her organisation is partnering to identify more options.

She said to press, “We are exploring strategic growth funding opportunities for our private sector with our upcoming ‘Chew on It’ luncheon themed ‘Funding for Strategic Growth’. This Initial Public Offering (IPO) workshop designed for Caribbean enterprises, will be hosted in collaboration with the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange.”

The ‘Chew On It’ luncheon takes place on September 25th from 1-4pm and will provide a forum for small and medium sized stakeholders to discuss investments on a regional level.

“This Luncheon was designed based on the need to broaden the range of financing instruments available to SMEs and entrepreneurs in Dominica, in order to address their diverse financing needs to improve their contribution to economic growth,” Fabien elaborated.

“DAIC encourages the participation of members, key stakeholders and partners of the Chamber to explore the option of going public and listing on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange.”

The agenda is primarily aimed at the exploration of offering shares to private corporations to raise capital for SMEs.

She says further, “At this luncheon, participants will gain an understanding of fundraising avenues for medium enterprises in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union as well as understand detailed   information   on   the   steps   to   a   successful   IPO.   Participants   will   also understand how to best utilize the ECSE’s primary market platform and receive a demonstration of the IPO auction and issuance process.”

All interested attendees are invited to contact the chamber to confirm their attendance at chamber.daic@gmail.com or 449-1962. The cost of attendance is $120.00. Additionally, as space is limited, early registration is encouraged.