Respect for One China Policy Basis of 15 Year Diplomatic Ties

by: - September 12, 2019
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Prime Minister Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit 


The Commonwealth of Dominica and the People’s Republic of China celebrated 15 years of diplomatic ties this year.

At the handover of the first phase of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital on Friday, September 6th, both Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and His Excellency Chinese Ambassador to Dominica, Lu Kun acknowledged the milestone with mutual satisfaction.

What is being described by both representatives as a genuine friendship is possible because of Dominica’s respect for the One China Policy.

That policy states there is one sovereign China- the People’s Republic of China- and not Taiwan whose official name incorporates China as in the Republic of China.

Prior to the DLP administration, the governing United Workers Party fostered ties with Taiwan or the Republic of China.

Hon Skerrit says his Government stands with the PRC or Mainland China.

“We adhere to the One China Policy as matter of principle and the respect to international law,” he declared.

“We shall assist you and your country,” he said to China’s Ambassador, “in your efforts for the peaceful reunification of all of China. We say so without any fear of any country or citizen of this world because we stand on principle when it comes to recognizing the One China Policy. This Government and I as Prime Minister shall remain steadfast in that respect.”

His Excellency the Chinese Ambassador to Dominica, Lu Kun, says that support is the basis of the longstanding relationship with Dominica

He announced, “Prime Minister Skerrit, 15 years ago, made a very important decision- a correct and crucial one- to establish diplomatic relations with China. The Prime Minister himself strictly adheres to the One China principle. He never had any relations with Taiwan authorities. The Dominica Government relentlessly supports China at the United Nations, the Security Council and other international agencies. They support the Chinese candidates without any preconditions.

“Prime Minister Skerrit regards China as an important partner for economic cooperation. He is a good and true friend of China.”

He adds that the future of the relationship looks strong and bright.

“It’s a short time- just 15 years. We still have a long way to go and with the mutual efforts of both Government leaders, I think relations will be much stronger and fortified,” the Ambassador believes.