DOWASCO Chief Says Resilience Is New Watchword for Water Systems

by: - September 11, 2019
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General Manager of DOWASCO and president of CAWASA Bernard Ettinoffe

As the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season rolls on, the Dominica Water And Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) has taken steps to ensure that it is better prepared to serve the country in the event of another natural disaster.

General Manager of DOWASCO, Bernard Ettinofe says, the company has learned a lot more about resilience since the devastation suffered from tropical storm Erika and hurricane Maria.

“We learned quite a few lessons from tropical Erika and hurricane Maria and we have used those lessons to rebuild better,” he said.

“Several of the pipelines that we have restored are done in ways that we believe can offer some sort of resilience to the some of the weather systems that we may face. Our intakes have been built in a better way. For example, at the Pichelin intake, we ensured that resilient methods were included in the construction of that system; we built it in a way that the water could flow over and around it but not destroy it the way it was during Hurricane Maria.”

Ettinofe adds, “ We are now, with assistance from the Basic Needs Trust Fund of the Caribbean Development Bank, looking at a six water systems: the Wesley/Woodford Hill, Salisbury, Laplaine, Grand Fond and Bagatelle systems to be done with resilience in mind so that we do not face the same destruction that we faced after hurricane Maria. We are making sure that the lessons we’ve learned are included in our designs of those new systems.”