President Savarin Calls for Vigilance Against Elder Abuse

by: - September 4, 2019
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President of Dominica, H.E. Charles Savarin

His Excellency the President of Dominica, Charles Savarin, is concerned that senior citizens may be suffering from neglect and has issued a call for watchmen.

September has been declared the Month of the Elderly by the Dominica Council on Aging.

In this context, he said, “Today as the world struggles with the challenges of neglect and abuse with which older persons are confronted, we in Dominica must continue to engage in all ways possible to identify such ills if and where they exist and to see to it that our older persons are treated with dignity and respect. We must be vigilant, act decisively and in a timely manner.”

He said further, “If you see something going wrong, do something to set it right.”

The Dominica Counsel on Aging is an advocate for the inclusion and appreciation of older persons. There is a call to recognize and draw from their wisdom.

President Savarin says, “This Dominican spirit of all-inclusiveness and of making special provision for the elderly, that must and has prevailed among the people of this nation has made us a place where older persons are considered a valuable national treasure and where our centenarian per capita ratio is among the highest in the region if not the world. We must, therefore, take time to celebrate them and acknowledge their contributions and their dreams and make ourselves ready to continue their unfinished works and aspirations for our country. This can be achieved if we unselfishly devote time to our older persons particularly those who find themselves on the lower end of the social spectrum.”

He went on to laud the Council’s passion saying, “This year the Dominica Council on Aging Inc. celebrates its 25th anniversary as an organization with a mandate to promote and advocate on behalf of the wellbeing of the senior citizens of this nation. Twenty-five years of continuous service is an accomplishment worthy of note and therefore its leaders and general membership, all of whom have worked hard over the years to keep this organization alive, must be commended. It is therefore in order to encourage the Dominica Council on Aging to continue to shine as an exemplary advocate and trailblazer of older persons’ causes for another 25 years and beyond.”

The theme for the month is ‘Pioneers of Resilience; The Journey to Age Equality’.

A Grandparents Day is planned for September 8th, a National Senior Youth Workshop on September 22nd and a Seniors Island Tour on September 28th are among the month’s activities.

The month will culminate with an Address by the Honourable Minister for Health and Social Service, Kenneth Darroux on October 1.