Caholm feeder roads to be rehabilitated

by: - August 29, 2019
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MP Castle Bruce constituency Johnson Drigo


Farmers in Caholm will soon have better access to their farms as government continues to pursue the rehabilitation of feeder roads on the island. Last Friday (August 23, 2019), Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit led a delegation to meet with the farmers in the area to witness first-hand difficulties with the Caholm farm access road.
Minister for Agriculture Reginald Austrie, says government is to implement plans to create motor access to farms in Caholm.
“We looked, we took notes and we’re hoping that within the shortest possible time that all those entities can meet and come together and to advise the government as to what is it that can be done to bring some relief to the farmers.”
He says while this initiative may present challenges, he is confident that government will keep its commitment to farmers in the constituency.
“It’s gonna be challenging. We have some water courses that will create further landslides if not addressed properly; but to say, the farmers are in very very high spirit and they are committed, really, to food production in this country and to improve our food security. And the government has given them a commitment that as soon as we get the drawings, we get the designs, we get the advice, that we’ll move immediately to ensure that we can create, probably initially on a temporary basis, but to make access to their farms more motorable on a permanent basis, ” he noted.