Asa Bantan Continues to Give Back

by: - August 22, 2019
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Asa Bantan presents donation to Dominica State Prison Officers

Popular Local Bouyon artist, Asa Bantan continues to give back to society, this time around, making a donation towards the Dominica State Prison and an individual in need.

According to the Bouyon Boss, as he is labelled, a large variety of undergarments and goods were presented.

During an exclusive interview, Asa Bantan informed DA Vibes he chose to donate to the Dominica State Prison because he believes that such a contribution can have a positive impact on the inmates.

“I’ve been trying my best to help as much people I can. Choosing the Dominica State Prison I said that there are people who need a little help, they are people just like us, they are human beings and a simple donation like that can change the minds and hearts of some inmates by them knowing that Asa Bantan came to the prison and thought of them. Some of them got vests and boxers shorts. When they come out they could change their lives, knowing that some people were out here thinking of them while they were inside there and that they could also get a second chance at life,” the Bouyon singer expressed.

The Donations were presented on Monday 19th August 2019 at the Dominica State Prison by Asa Bantan.

Meanwhile, some grocery items and bed supplies were presented to a woman in need from the community of Kingshill.

He conveyed his pleasure in assisting the individual stating, “I donated a mattress to her, two pillows, a sheet set and some goods compliments Fine Foods. She was so happy and she smiled. That is what Asa Bantan is all about, giving back and putting smiles on other people’s faces.”

He encouraged individuals, especially artists that they should ,”always give back. Giving back is the best thing to do.”

The Bouyon Boss is known for making charitable donations to his community as well as throughout Dominica.

Earlier this year, a donation of a cooking stove was made to the Kaleb Laurent Primary School.

Asa Bantan donates to woman in need