PM questions Linton’s Qualification for Job of PM

by: - August 19, 2019
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PM Skerrit greets supporters in Marigot

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has called on voters in the Marigot constituency to assess the qualifications of Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) Hon. Lennox Linton for the job of Prime Minister.

He made this comments at the launch of Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Candidate for the Marigot constituency, Gregory ‘Karessah’ Riviere on Sunday.

“I want each of you to leave here this evening and go and research the educational, professional and community service background of Mr. Lennox Linton. Check out his qualifications for the job he seeks,” Hon Skerrit remarked.

“What are your views on the minimum eligibility requirements for the job Mr. Linton says he wants? You are Dominican. You are the employer of the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica. What qualities would you like in a Prime Minister? What type of work experience would you like your Prime Minister to have? What do you think should be your Prime Minister’s minimum educational background?

The Prime Minister and leader of the DLP also questioned Mr. Linton’s contribution to rebuilding his constituency post Hurricane Maria.

“If a person is coming back to you after five years in your employ, it is incumbent on you to examine their performance record in the job. Before you can renew Mr. Linton’s contract as Parl Rep for Marigot you need to evaluate his performance. Where was Mr. Linton for the first four weeks after hurricane Maria? How long was it after hurricane Maria before you saw Lennox Linton in Marigot? What did Lennox Linton do for you the people of the Marigot constituency?