DLP Candidate for Grand Bay believes Karessah can win Marigot

by: - August 19, 2019
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Gregory ‘Karessah’ Riviere – DLP Candidate for Marigot Constituency


Dominica Labour Party Candidate for the Grand Bay Constituency, Ed Registe has expressed his confidence in the DLP Candidate for Marigot, Gregory ‘Karessah’ Riviere. 

Speaking at a DLP press conference last week, Registe stated that Riviere shows true representation that seemed to have been absent in the Marigot Constituency. 

Furthermore, regardless contesting against the Leader of the Opposition, Registe conveyed that the Marigot constituency appears to be in support of Gregory Riviere.

Registe endorsed Riviere stating, “’Karessah’ is certainly a very exciting candidate and I believe that he will win the seat. Going up against the leader of the Opposition, or the leader of the United Workers Party is certainly a challenge and I’m sure that  Mr. Linton has his own base in the Marigot seat.”

He continued, “The Marigot seat has been traditionally a United Workers Party seat for the past several elections; however, what we’re seeing in Marigot is a real gravitation towards the Dominica Labour Party  particularly among the youth who are finding ‘Karessah’ to be a better candidate than the incumbent. Therefore, We are looking forward to really supporting the movement which is taking place in Marigot.”

Gregory Riviere was officially launched as the DLP candidate for the Marigot constituency over the weekend  (Sunday August 18, 2019