Macoucherie Bridge Construction on Schedule

by: - August 16, 2019
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DLP’s caretaker for the Salisbury constituency, Nichols “Shanks” Esprit


Construction of the Macoucherie and Batalie Bridges are on schedule as they near the estimated due date for completion. 

Both bridges were severely compromised by Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria in the last five years forcing motorists to utilize the old Macoucherie Estate Bridge until another bypass could be built. 

Dominica Labour Party’s caretaker for the Salisbury constituency, Nichols “Shanks” Esprit says works are progressing smoothly toward completion and the bridges will be in use by them 2019 year’s end.

According to Mr. Esprit, “You would have seen in Batalie that the concrete has been poured on the bridge surface. And here in Macoucherie, we have had the form work being prepared and soon the Chinese will be pouring concrete and give it time to cure and then we will be having the bridge in operation.”

He continued, “If you go as far down as Point Round you would have seen that the bridge is complete in terms of concrete works and it’s just giving  time to be cured.”

Esprit affirmed that the intention is to have the bridges completed by the end of August and that the project is “on track, give and take a few days”.