Government’s Housing Revolution to extend to Mahaut

by: - August 15, 2019
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A housing revolution is underway for residents of Mahaut. 

Speaking during Government’s first post budget town hall meeting, Parliamentary Representative for that constituency Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore said that thirty-three (33) units in Jimmit will be handed over in April 2020.


Th housing development is also expected to be extended to other parts of the constituency.


“We know persons in every part of the constituency who are in need of homes. And we heard and you saw for yourself the presentation of thirty-three (33) units in Jimmit. Excavation work has begun in Jimmit and in ten months, I have been advised, we’ll be walking a line down on wonderful apartments, my dear friends, in Jimmit,” he said.


Hon. Blackmoore mentioned that  works in Massacre would have commenced were it not for issues in the lots  and reminded the audience that “ Rome was not built in a day”.


Meantime, he went on to reveal that a modern health center which will commence in the near future is also on the cards for the community.


“If we are talking about resilience from an individual standpoint, you have to talk about proper health for yourself, education or a good skill,” he stated.


He gave the audience a brief overview of the design of the new health center stating, “I’m happy. I saw the design myself. We’ll be having nice rooms with two beds each in the event you have to be observed overnight you can rest in the health center right down there in Mahaut. Upstairs of the health center we’ll be having accommodations for doctors and our nurses… We’ll have a pharmacy right there, no need to go Roseau to buy anything and a room for your vaccine.”

The new health center will serve the communities of Mahaut, Belfast, Jimmit, Campbell and Warner.