Agriculture Minister promotes importance of food security

by: - August 13, 2019
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Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Hon. Reginald Austrie

Agricultural Minister, Honorable Reginald Austrie encourages the practice of food security on island.

Hon. Austrie cautioned that citizens should not take for granted that a tropical climate provides assurance that food will always be available as there are many issues affecting the country’s food security

According to Minister Austrie, “Challenges are already here. The diseases are already here; several new ones are emerging.” To exemplify, he referred to a problem in Delices which was thankfully brought under control.

He continued, “We have an aging farming population. We have to address this. Give us ten or fifteen years, if that is not addressed in a very practical manner, we may have challenges at the markets”

Minister for Agriculture and Food and Fisheries, Honorable Reginald Austrie also encouraged the healthy consumption of foods.

Austrie stated that while the Ministry is working towards the prohibition of certain chemicals, it is also important a proper diet is practiced, in an effort to curb the occurrence of non-communicable diseases.

“We have already begun the process of placing importation bans on certain items. Also the issue of importation of certain food items loaded with sugar or both loaded with salt, most of that for preservation purposes. Our diabetes and hypertension really come into question there as to what we consume,” Austrie stated.  He continued,“It is very important that we do not only grow local food but we have to begin to use them in our daily diets.”

He recognized the need for a collective effort to curb this issue and advised all ministers, chefs, caterers, farmers to collaborate in an effort to promote healthy dietary habits island wide.