Reforestation of 1 Million Trees, a work in Progress

by: - August 7, 2019
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Minister for the Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal, Joseph Isaac

Minister for Climate Resilience and Urban Renewal, Hon Joseph Isaac has expressed his Ministry’s continued efforts to plant one million trees through the forestry division.

According to the Minister, “While we have revisited our timelines, we are still sullenly in step with our vision and still plan to ensure that we get the one million trees in this country.”

During his presentation at the National Budget Debate, Isaac conveyed that his vision remains a work in progress. “Over the last few months, the Forestry Division has been engaged in reforestation activities across various forest ranges. We are aware that this goal cannot be accomplished as an internal programme, so we therefore accelerated this initiative by taking the following action,” he stated.

Hon Isaac informed that plans are underway to implement eight nurseries island wide, which will amount to approximately half a million dollars In the first instance; three hundred and forty thousand (340 000) seedlings of various lumber and tree crops will be produced per year. He believes that these tree crops, when mature, will provide food for the local wildlife.

According to Isaac, the capability as well as the infrastructure needs to be obtained for seedlings in order to implement the programme.