Greater Opportunities for Advancement for Teachers

by: - August 7, 2019
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Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit

Among the major reforms coming to the education sector will be the appointment of teachers after a minimum of two years.

Delivering his budget address last week, Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit said that greater opportunity for advancement within the teaching service will be implemented.

He announced Government’s plans to make meaningful changes in the management of schools which will seek to address a number of challenges at the school level.

The Prime Minister stated that the one principal per school will be maintained; however, the position of two deputy principals will be created. According to PM Skerrit, “These two deputy principals will have no teaching responsibility: One would be responsible for the pedagogy of the students and the other would assist with the management of staff and the scheduling of courses etc.”

He also announced the proposed creation of positions for two Assistant Deputy Principal positions and that Heads of department would become an established position while some positions will be maintained. “We’ll create the position of Senior graduate teacher and will maintain the position of graduate teacher and will maintain the position of qualified teacher,” the PM stated.

He says the current system makes very little allowance for upward mobility as too often teachers leave the job after 30 years in the same position. “These levels will be so configured to have a graduate and senior graduate teacher to provide greater opportunity and upward mobility for the more experienced graduate teacher,” he affirmed.