Dominicans called upon to Reduce Sugar Consumption

by: - July 29, 2019
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The Public Health Nutritionist President of Antigua, Juanita James


President of Antigua Diabetes Association and Public Health Nutritionist, Juanita James, has made a special appeal to Dominicans to reduce sugar consumption.


James made this appeal while delivering the feature address at the Dominica Diabetes Association’s (DOMDA) Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 25th July 2019. She discouraged the use of sugar-sweetened beverages and encouraged attendees to substitute such drinks with fresh fruit juices or flavoured water which may include pieces of fruits and vegetables with no added sweeteners. 


According to James, a STEPS  survey conducted in Dominica in 2008 revealed, “18% of the persons who were tested had high fasting blood sugar levels, high fasting blood glucose, high blood pressure, high body max index/ overweight/ obesity”. She admitted that this survey was conducted a few years ago; however, she expressed being unsure about how much had changed since.


She noted that diabetes is listed as one of the leading causes of death in Dominica and like other Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, this is usually attributed to poor lifestyle choices.

James encouraged individuals to make better decisions with respect to their health.