St. Lukes Primary School Responds Positively to ‘No Juice-Drinking’ policy

by: - July 26, 2019
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Principal of St.Luke’s Primary School, Sister Anita Peter


The St. Luke’s Primary school has reported positive feedback since its implementation of a Ban on Sugar Sweetened Beverages.

This movement commenced in September 2018 to raise awareness of the increase in Diabetes among children in Dominica.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Dominica Diabetes Association’s (DOMDA) on Thursday 26th July 2019,  Principal of the St Luke’s Primary School, Sister Anita Peter expressed concern in the increased consumption of sugar among her students.

So far parents and students have responded positively to the movement.

Peter expressed that though sales of Soft drinks and other sugar beverages at the school’s canteen have dropped, the well-being of the students is priority.

“With our constant education on the importance of water and having their bags checked daily by the teachers, the students were happy to bring water to school. This initiative was not only introduced at school but also extend to our homes. At our school meetings, parents reported that they themselves began to drink more water than juice at home and it helps to reduce their spending, simply because you have to purchase juice for the children every Saturday.”

Kaiden Xavier of the St Luke’s Primary School encouraged others to join the ‘Water, no juice- drinking’ movement

“When sister told me to bring water to school I told my papa to bring water to school, the following day
I brought water to school and every day after that. I like water and I drink it every day when I am thirsty.
I wish to encourage all children to drink water every day,” he proudly said.

Sister Anita Peter further conveyed plans to encourage this “no juice-drinking” policy Island-wide.

Student of the St.Luke’s Primary School, Kaiden Xavier