“It feels Good to be Back” – Dr. Kenneth Darroux

by: - July 23, 2019
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Dr Darroux speaking to Supporters at DLP Rally on Sunday

Health Minister and member of Parliament for the Petite Savanne Constituency has returned in the political race.

At the launching of DLP candidate for Roseau North, Prime Minister Hon Roosevelt Skerrit announced that Hon Dr. Kenneth Darroux is prepared to re-enter into the arena, following his replacement by Marva Williams just five months prior.

“I want to announce the return of Dr. Darroux to the fray of candidates in the upcoming general elections. Dr. Darroux had initially expressed a desire to step away from elective politics but the call of the people have been overwhelming. The people of the Petite Savanne constituency said that they are not ready to let him go. We have discussed this with sister Marva Williams and we have agreed that the voice of the people must be respected. Accordingly, sister Marva shall suspend her efforts to be elected at this point and as of tomorrow [Monday], Dr. Darroux will re-assume his position as candidate in the Petite Savanne Constituency,” Hon Skerrit disclosed.


The Prime Minister further went on to highlight that all of this is being done in an effort to present the electorate with an A-team, when elections are called.


“I have made it clear that by time I have put on these pink shoes and I take a bell into my possession, I shall have the finest team of candidates in this campaign. I believe we already have the A-team but we are leaving no stones unturned. We shall continuously review the slate of the 2020 candidates until it is as close to perfect as is humanly possible.”

Meantime, Dr. Darroux has expressed his elation to be back in the race and informed that all is well in his constituency.


“All is well in the Petite Savanne Constituency, all is well. It feels so good to be back. And this overwhelming reception is a sure sign that you missed me too like I missed you,” he told supporters.