DTA/ CTF Teachers’ Workshop Returns

by: - July 18, 2019
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Chief Education Officer Melena Fontaine

A two-week workshop organized by the Dominica Association of Teachers (DTA) in collaboration with the Government of Dominica and the Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF) has commenced for 108 educators on island.

Speaking at the opening ceremony held on July 15, 2019, Chief Education Officer, Melena Fontaine called on participating professionals to keep ahead of their students since the progress in technology equips students with more information than before.

She advised that balance should be taught as a means of preparing the students to become independent. According to Fontaine, “There is so much out there on the worldwide web, that as teachers you have to be able to provide a balance for the students in preparation for when they move out on their own.” She encouraged students to not shy away from physical books and verbal communication even while they explore technology.

Additionally, team leader of the Canadian Teachers Federation delegation in Dominica Kathrine Inglis expressed the team’s delight in being part of the first combined summer workshop post hurricane Maria. Despite the many changes and challenges, she stated, “We come to the summer institute because we are passionate about our profession. We all want to do our best and overcome better problems that arise in our teaching situations. We all dream of finding success in our private and professional lives and we dream our students will also find that success.” Inglis said that the Federation is interested in upholding the idea that education is highly valued in Dominica by supporting its teachers.

The educators will embark on training in numeracy, literacy, information technology woodwork and special education.