Churches throw support at Government re Buggery Controversy

by: - July 13, 2019
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President of DAEC, Pastor Randy Rodney


One homosexual man’s decision to take on the Government of Dominica in court as it relates to the country’s Sodomy Laws is brewing much controversy, and even the churches are stepping in.

Recently news reports surfaced that the Government of Dominica was being taken to court to challenge sections of the Sexual Offences Act. This move is being supported by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network – an international human rights organization– and the University of Toronto’s International Human Rights as well as Minority Rights Dominica (MIRIDOM).

However, in support of the Government, the Dominica Association of Evangelical churches (DAEC) says it will not support the move to decriminalize buggery or repeal the existing laws.

According to President of the DAEC, Pastor Randy Rodney, “we read the current news with the advent of the LGBTQ community intending to take the government to reverse the current laws and we want to say to the nation that we will stand in opposition and we believe that the Prime Minister did make some comment a few years ago that those laws would not be revoked.”

Aware of the large group of LGBTQ supporters around the world lobbying for change, the President states the association will take the bible’s stance on this matter.

District Superintendent of the Christian Union Churches, Dominica District Reverend Bishop Lennox Timothy also added his voice in condemning the decriminalization of buggery in Dominica stating that the bible condemns such actions.

“Christian teaching is not at variance with mankind being naturally predisposed to our attitudes and behaviours which are inherently wrong. Of course there are those who are naturally selfish, violent or predisposed to addiction, adultery or paedophilia; does that natural recognition therefore make it a good thing?,” he questioned.

The bishop further emphasized that “the Bible teaches that every person’s nature is corrupt and must be regenerated by God; thus “all men are born naturally into a multitude of vices and as Christians we trust God to produce in us a new natural which is a product of the new birth of Christ.”

Pursuant to the country’s Sexual offence Act 1998, the maximum penalty for ‘Buggery’ and ‘Gross Indecency’ is 10 and 12 years respectively as well as the possibility of forced psychiatric confinement.