Plenty of opportunities for Employment in Dominica says DSC President

by: - July 10, 2019
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President of DSC, Dr Donald Peters

Speaking during the 17th Commencement ceremony of the Dominica State College (DSC) held on July 09, 2019, at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, President of the DSC Donald Peters impressed on students that despite the large presence of foreign companies here on island opportunities for jobs do exist.

Commending the students on their achievement, the educator encouraged them to think of themselves as agents of change and “graduates who are going to take Dominica to the developed status.”

“I want you to be the professional who will work to make Dominica great and not be dependant on anyone for what they can give you,” he said.

The DSC President stressed to the student that they are graduating at a time when Dominica is in need of professionals with new ideas and energy to run the agriculture and tourism industries.

“There are tremendous opportunities for planners, builders, contractors, supply chain managers, plumbers, hotel professionals, and farmers to supply these many new hotels with products. Your opportunities are endless and require you who have just graduated to be creative and innovative,” he said. “My message on this occasion therefore is on working and you should trust me when I say there is no example in history that success can be achieved without work. No family, no country and no individual can prosper and develop without working.”

He pointed out the need to join forces to develop the island to its pre-Maria stage and further encouraged to make use of the several opportunities which have been presented.

“Imagine today there are more foreign companies working and building in Dominica in our entire history, and while there is nothing wrong with that because we are a democracy, believing in free enterprise… the lesson you need to learn from that event in our history is that there is tremendous opportunities to work and acquire a high quality of life in your own country,” Dr. Peters stated.

Adding “any five of you graduates can come together and form a building renovation company; any five of you can form a house painting company, a street cleaning company, a soft drink company, a water company, and I’m not kidding, if you aim high you will succeed.”

Whilst he acknowledged that the journey will not be easy, he told them “it will be worth it.”