DSC Valedictorian counts her Struggles as blessings on her Journey to success

by: - July 10, 2019
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DSC Valedictorian, Jair Pendengue receiving Diploma from President of DSC , Dr. Donald Peters


One student is counting her struggles as blessings after emerging 2019 Valedictorian of the Dominica State College (DSC).

Delivering her speech at DSC’s official Commencement Ceremony on Tuesday 9th July 2019,  Jair Pendengue  spoke of her struggles on her journey towards becoming a top student.  An accomplishment she described as a surprise.

She excelled with awards in English and Entrepreneurship.

At the ceremony held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium , the 2019 Valedictorian, being candid about her dislike for school, expressed gratitude for the  challenges which she attributes to her personal development and academic success.

“Although I was one to say that I don’t like school, I understand that in this day and age, claiming to know things is not enough to succeed. You have to be able to prove to others that you know what you know that you know!”

Encouraging others to aspire for an educational degree, she noted, “the proof is in the paper…that sought after degree that all of us longed for and have finally attained. That’s one of the reasons that I am here today. To get my paper that proves that I know; I know what I have worked hard to know.”

“I thought about all of the times I had to miss school in high school because it was raining too hard in Warner and I couldn’t afford an umbrella; or when I had no food to go to school or no shoes and I had to use my ‘push-in’ to go to school….. or when the tank in Warner was empty and the drum [barrel] was empty and rain was not falling and I could not bathe to go to school. Ladies and gentlemen, I sat and remembered all of those things and I realized that if I could choose to live my life again, I would go through these things all over again, because those hardships made me who I am today,” she said.

Pendengue continued “those hardships taught me that besides the billions of people who will turn away when people need help, that there is a God who will never leave me nor forsake me and He has carried me through.”

She acknowledged her family, teachers and members of DSC faculty as well as other members of society who played a key role in her success to date and encouraged  her fellow graduates to appreciate their struggles and to be grateful to people who assisted in their journey.

“So fellow students, I beseech you to look past the struggles that you have faced, now face and will face and appreciate what you have today. Appreciate and recognize the people who believe in you, and the struggles that have built your resolve and determination to succeed!”