Government considers policy on use of Electric Vehicles

by: - July 9, 2019
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Prime Minister Honorable Dr Roosevelt Skerrit


Dominica is considering the introduction of a new policy to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

This, according to Prime Minister Hon Roosevelt Skerrit who says that the use of such transportation would promote Dominica’s goal of becoming the first climate resilient nation in the world.

Commenting on the new initiative Skerrit said “we’re also looking and discussing with  stakeholders the possibly of articulating a policy in respect to electric vehicles for Dominica  and looking at the tax regime and to see how  can we facilitate a greater interest  in our citizens utilizing electric cars in Dominica.”


The Prime Minister is of the view that such a gesture would spike Dominica’s persona on the global market.


“Ensuring that we can reduce on the cost of it with regard to the taxation; and I believe if  we were able to agree as a nation on this, this would mean a tremendous boost for our image globally as a small nation cause we saw the tremendous international coverage that we got in respect to the banning of styrofoam containers, and I must tell you we did not pay for  anybody to write these articles for us, they were organically prepared and disseminated,” he said.

Some of the benefits he noted in addition to electrical cars being more environmentally friendly was the lower running and maintenance cost.