Educators Embark on Professional Development Training

by: - July 8, 2019
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Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Petter Saint Jean

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development began a two-week teacher professional development  training with the Canadian Teachers Federation for all primary school-level principals and teachers on Monday.

The training is intended to serve as a form of refreshment for the educators.

Addressing the summit’s opening ceremony this morning, Hon Saint Jean expressed that the Ministry’s support for in-service training to teachers serves as a great example of it’s training opportunities record.

“Professional development keeps students up to date for new research on how children learn, emerging technology tools through out the class rooms, new curriculum resources and much more. Educational technology and curriculum standards are constantly changing, making it challenging for teachers to keep up with the trends and the best practices for the field.  Professional development transforms teachers into better educators, by enabling them to create relevant lessons for the 21st century student, ” he said.

A total of one hundred class room teachers are expected to be trained for the next two weeks under areas identified as ‘weaknesses within the classroom’.

“All these will be done under the program supported by the global partnership for education. One hundred teachers and three hundred pastoral care coordinators and school counselors will also receive training,” Hon Saint Jean confirmed.

The Summit sis being held at the Goodwill Parish Hall.