Stakeholders to Reassess and Revise Dominica’s Updated risk Management plan

by: - July 4, 2019
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Stakeholders recently met to reassess and revise the updated agriculture risk management plan for Dominica which first began
in 2014.

Funded by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the working meeting commenced last week at the Fort Young Hotel.

Disaster risk management consultant at the FAO, Diane Roberts states that this review is timely.

“There is a clear recognition at the highest level as well as with the people of Dominica that we need to be adopting a completely
different approach to how we do agriculture so we are now entering into a new era of agriculture and as clearly declared by the
prime minister, Dominica needs to become a resilient nation and we understand the role of agriculture in the achieving this.”

She went on to inform that further revision will be made to the plan, in light of the current mission for resilience.

“So there are going to be some focal areas that we will be working on and of course they are in line of the nation’s resilience strategy of Dominica and other key national and regional frame work; so there is going to be a key focus on governance, we’re also going to be looking a lot on what are these interventions, what are these priorities we are going to be adopting to ensure that we can prevent and of course reduce risk.”

As announced, strategies will also be implemented to ensure effective early warning and effective surveillance.