“Comprehensive” electoral reform

by: - July 2, 2019
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Former Government Senator in Antigua and Barbuda Anthony Stewart


Echoing the words of several persons here on island, former Government Senator in Antigua and Barbuda, Anthony Stewart has made an appeal to the political parties in Dominica to advocate for a “comprehensive” electoral reform.

He was speaking during the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) rally at the Arch in Roseau on Sunday June 30th, 2019.

“I am saying to you the electoral process must be reformed and reformed continuously because brothers and sisters many elections are won and lost long before election day when the electoral processes are very loose and weak and not reformed or updated for a very long time,” the former senator stated.

Stewart further stressed that in order for the country to achieve the goal of comprehensive reform, the citizens must love their nation more than their political affiliate.

“I know some of you here love the political party you support, but I know all of you love your country of Dominica. So I wish to say to you that you must love your country more than any political party. I wish to say to you that you must put your country first, second and third above any political party. So if you love your country, if you’re going to put your country before political party then every citizen and resident of Dominica should be in support of comprehensive electoral reform.”

He went on to highlight his country of Antigua and Barbuda, where electoral laws have been improved by distributing voter ID cards alongside other regulations.