Jungle Bay Officially Reopens at New Location

by: - July 2, 2019
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Owner and Developer of Jungle Bay Resort, Sam Raphael


Following its four-year dormancy, the Jungle Bay Resort is now officially open to welcome visitors to a brand new location.

The five star resort, previously located at Delices, now stands tall on Morne Acouma,  Soufriere and has expanded to a sixty eco-villas facility.

Jungle Bay Resort was destroyed by tropical storm Erika in August 2015 and left Owner, Sam Raphael to pick up the broken pieces and move in search of a new location.

On Sunday 30th June 2019, at the grand opening and vine cutting ceremony held at the new Jungle Bay, Raphael relayed  that as a result of the monstrous storm, the destruction of the resort left sixty -five persons unemployed and about forty farmers short of an income. However, he expressed gratitude that no lives were lost at the time.

“Couple days later, we were able to fly over to that side …… I cried like a baby, that day I found out that everyone was alive at Jungle Bay,” he said.

“Jungle Bay is not the building in Delices. Jungle Bay is an idea, Jungle Bay is people and as long as we the people of Jungle Bay remain united, then Jungle Bay is there'” he said.  “So when you drove in and saw the beautiful building and commented on the view, that’s not Jungle Bay. Jungle Bay is us, Jungle Bay is the way we make our guests feel. Jungle Bay is an attitude.”

The resort incorporates a total of 85 rooms, swimming pools, 2 yoga studios , two restaurants and other conveniences.

Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit who delivered the feature address at the event, encouraged constituents of Soufriere to be prepared to benefit from this investment.

“We at Soufriere, Scotts Head and Gallion are primarily fishing communities and we have to ensure that we position ourselves to be the first suppliers of fish to this hotel. And we’re talking of hundreds of pounds of fish, thousands I believe, thousands of pounds of fish each year,” he remarked.

He also urged entrepreneurs within the Gallion community “who are promoting and have been doing Cashew, and we are hoping that we can help these local people in Gallion improve on the preparation and packaging of the cashew so that Sam[Raphael] can buy them here for Jungle Bay.”

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa is currently made up of a sixty member staff, and Raphael indicated that that number is intended to almost double.

The Vine was officially cut by the President of Dominica, His Excellency, Charles Angelo Savarin, accompanied by his wife, Clara Savarin and students of the Soufriere Primary School.


Cutting of the Vine by His Excellency, Charles Savarin

Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit


Few Members of Staff at Jungle Bay Resort and Spa