Government increases its support to students

by: - July 1, 2019
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Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean


The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has pledged its commitment to fulfilling its end of the bargain in providing students with the requisite support.


This year the government of Dominica through the ministry of education shall continue to provide assistance through the text books provisions scheme, transportation and uniform assistance and other aid through the education trust funds.


Moreover, as revealed by Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Hon Petter Saint Jean during the announcement of the results of the 2019 Grade 6 National Assessment; the 101 students which were awarded scholarship as well as the  107 who obtained bursaries, in addition to Students of the Dominica State College (DSC) will notice an increase in the textbook allowance.


“I would like to inform the listening public that the Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Dominica, cognizant of the ever increasing cost of textbooks and materials associated to the education of our children, Cabinet has taken a decision to increase the value of the text books awards to scholars and bursars of secondary school and the Dominica State College effective the new school year 2019/2020 and that will take effect as of September 2019,” he stated.


As highlighted, the scholarship amount has increased from $500 to EC$1000 and recipient of bursaries will notice an increment from $300 to now $700.


An additional perk Saint Jean made known “at the fourth form level the scholarship has been increased to $1700 and bursaries at the forth form level is now $1200… in both the case of the scholars and bursars the CXC will be paid.”


Giving a value of $2200; at the Dominica State College level the annual book and stationary allowance raised form $600 to $1200 and the transportation allowance has been increased from $500 to $1000.