Baron Defends his Endorsement

by: - June 24, 2019
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President of National Youth Council, Paul Baron

Succeeding calls made for the resignation of National Youth Council of Dominica (NYC) President Paul Baron by Chief Youth Development Officer, John Roach and former executive member of the NYC, Stephenson “Jeff” Bellot, Baron has stated that he will not resign.


Recently, the president of the organization which aims to unite young people  in order to provide a strong voice for the advancement and protection of the interest and rights of youth, publicly endorsed the Dominica Labour Party’s (DLP) candidate   for the Salybia Constituency, Cozier Frederick; which is a violating the constitution of the NYCD.

Since then, Baron has defended his comments and explained that they were not made as the council’s president.


“Firstly when I actually did that I was very specific and clear to the media house that I was actually doing so in my capacity as the Chairman of the Salybia Labour Constituency Association,” he stated.


He went on to defend himself  stating, “Many Dominicans would know that I am actually involved in a number of organizations, in fact I have been the chairman of that association for well over five years and have been doing so in such a responsible manner and in doing so I would have never utilized my capacity as president of the National Youth Council of Dominica to endorse any political candidate; be it DLP, Freedom or even a United Workers Party candidate because of course the constitution clearly states that I should not do so.”


Baron stressed that the NYCD constitution protects members’ right as it pertains to their political affiliation

Section 4 of the NYC constitution states that no representative shall misrepresent this organization’s position on any matter in public at Meetings of the General Assembly.