Island wide access to electricity

by: - June 22, 2019
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Just shy of the two-year anniversary of hurricane Maria, the Dominica Electricity Services Limited (Domlec) is reporting a 100 percent island wide access to electricity.

These remarks came from the company’s Cooperate Secretary Ellise Darwton, who says while this is the case, not every home or building is connected to that grid.

“The entire island is powered up; there is electrical access to 100 percent of the island. Of course not all customers are hooked on and that’s for various reasons, one of the main reason being  of those who remain not served it’s because their house or premises is not ready for connection , but essentially, the restoration effort is much over in terms of bringing access of electricity to customers all around the island,” she stated.

Darwton went on to note that due to all the restoration efforts which were ongoing, the company once again recorded a loss for the last financial year.

“We are not where we should be or where we can be, back to our pre-Maria situation both in terms of our customer base as well as our profitability because this year as well, the company has recorded another loss because the expense of recovering after the hurricane has been significant and continues to be significant because there is a lot of investments that the company has to make to put the company back on stream. So we are still in recovery mode but I must say that we are doing a proper job of it and we will continue to do so,” the Corporate Secretary highlighted.

She went on to reveal that the annual report reflects that the company is making steady progress back to where it should be both in terms of profitability and operations.

“This also gives some glimpse in terms of some of the clients we have for the future, in terms of renewable technology, our involvement in geothermal initiative by the government and some of the plans that we have to move forward in the renewable front in the future,” Darwton stated.