Concerned Citizens Movement to Embark on Electoral Reform Rally

by: - June 21, 2019
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The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) is planning to hold an Electoral Reform rally as they continue to demand free and fair elections in Dominica.

The CCM is declaring Sunday 30th June 2019,  “ELECTORAL REFORM DAY: Come Ye Forward Sons and Daughters to Defend Dominica’s Democracy”.

Speaking with Dominica Vibes, President of the organization, Loftus Durand noted that one of the core goals of the CCM is to ensure that the electoral process in Dominica is maintained by having a clean voters list and that a voter be properly identified at the polls.

Hence the need for the issuance of Voter ID cards.

“We are asking the Electoral Commission, who is the body constitutionally mandated to bring about the frame work for that free and fair process. So we are asking them for two things to get done before the general elections.
One, is the very bloated list that we have presently, a list of over 71,000 persons, we are asking them that that list be cleansed and also an identification card or voters ID Card be implemented before the next elections,” he stated.

Durand further informed that the electoral reform rally will feature a guest speaker from the region, who Durand says has a vast  knowledge of the electoral process.

“We are having also a featured speaker from one of our Caribbean countries. That person is well versed in electoral matters and he was very instrumental in getting his country to go about the reforms we have been asking for in Dominica, The Dominican people will learn a lot and from there they will be inspired even more to demand of the Electoral Commission what needs to be done in the interest of free and fair elections in Dominica.”

According to a press release, CCM plans to seek the approval of the participants at the rally of the following resolutions to be presented to the relevant authorities:

  1. A resolution requesting that the Electoral Commission and the Chief Elections Officer to immediately implement the process of sanitizing the electors’ list and the issuance of voter identification cards. The Electoral Commission and the Chief Elections Officer should, therefore, inform the Prime Minister of a timetable for the completion of the process.
  2. A resolution requesting His Excellency the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, to intervene as the one responsible for the appointment of the chairman of the Electoral Commission, to advise him of his role as an independent adjudicator of the electoral process, to operate under the existing laws and refrain from participating in the legislative process.
  3. A resolution requesting that the Prime Minister allows the Electoral Commission and the Chief Elections Officer time to execute the sanitizing of the electors list and the issuance of voter identification cards, before he dissolves parliament.
  4. A resolution to inform the international community, especially the organizations that have observed past elections such as, the Commonwealth, the Organization of American States and CARICOM, of the existing situation in Dominica and the potential for fraudulent elections, if the basic requirements are ignored.


The rally is scheduled for Sunday 30th June, from 3:00 p.m. at the Riverside Place “The Arch”, between the E.C. Loblack Bridge and the New Bridge in Roseau.

Durand encourages persons to denote political neutrality by wearing white and appeals to take note that the event is not a political one, however a representation of the collective responsibility of all in national unity for a common cause.