Grant promises to focus on Housing and Business in Wesley Constituency

by: - June 19, 2019
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Dominica Labour Party Candidate for the Wesley Constituency, Fidel Grant addressing supporters at his Official Launching

“We have formed our plans for the future of this Constituency and I must say, the future of Wesley and Woodfordhill looks bright,” Dominica Labour Party Candidate for the Wesley Constituency, Fidel Grant exhorted his supporters at his official launching last weekend.

According to Grant, the constituency is expected to receive a minimum of sixty-six new homes.

He revealed that  housing officers from the constituency have already  been employed to facilitate this project.

According him since the passing of hurricane Maria over EC$1.6 million  has been spent within the constituency on Housing.

He also announced that the housing program will serve as a benefit to persons interested in buying housing lots.

“The Prime Minister has already authorized the construction of ten homes in the area of Joe Burton and Jumbie Piece for those of you have no lands. Your Labour party government is already in the planning stages for a major housing complex of sixty-six apartments with an additional twenty-five homes under the housing program. This Labour party government will also make lots available to the young professionals, the teachers, the nurses, for those of you wishing to buy lots and those of you in the diaspora who are interested in getting a piece of Wesley, you will be considered,” he announced.

Grant also highlighted plans to improve the growth of businesses for young entrepreneurs  within the constituency , relaying that Wesley is “exploding with business opportunities.”

“I have spoken to the Prime Minister and I have received the assurance that small business owners in this constituency will continue to benefit from small business funding provided by this Labour Party administration. I will help you one by one, business by business, to organize yourself and structure yourself and ensure that your business brings overall benefit to you. I will work with you, demonstrating to you and helping you to improve your chances of accessing funding for your businesses. ”

He  advised the youth of the Wesley Constituency to  “grab” the opportunities that will be presented to them.

Fidel Grant will contest against Parliamentary Representative of the Wesley Constituency and Candidate of the United Workers Party, Ezekiel Bazil, in the upcoming general elections.