Earthquakes Update: 32 small earthquakes overnight

by: - June 15, 2019
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The Dominica Public Seismic Network (DPSN) is reporting a recorded 32 small earthquakes in the south of Dominica overnight with a sharp burst of 23 events occurring between 9:26pm and 9:50pm, all measured less than magnitude 2.0.

Throughout this week the earthquake activity intensified somewhat with several dozens of events being recorded by daily but very few, if any were felt.


As of 9:55pm yesterday, the intensity and numbers of events sky-rocketed with 195 events being recorded overnight with a peak of 48 events between 4 and 5am. At least three events larger than magnitude 4.0 and four magnitude 3.0 events were recorded in that time period. All the other events were in the magnitude 1 to 2.8 range.


Over the past few months, DPSN has been recording an increase in earthquake activity within the Roseau Valley caldera.