First Ever Cultural Expo hailed a Success

by: - June 13, 2019
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Cultural Officer Carlton Henry

Cultural Officer Carlton Henry has acclaimed the first ever cultural expo which exhibited all publications by the Division of Culture as a rousing success.

Speaking to Vibes, Henry explained that the activity held on June 12, 2019 on the Ground floor of the Government Headquarters was conceptualized to provide exposure on the documentation of Dominica’s history.

“There are cultural officers doing some work and are putting together some products to document Dominica’s heritage , but we found as though that we’re not getting the influx of people coming down to the cultural division to really see what we are doing  and  what we are documenting so we decided to take it here,” he explained.

Fearful that our culture is being overlooked, Henry further highlighted that the objective of the exposition was to raise generate awareness on our various traditions.

“We found that there is a lot of rich heritage that we share in Dominica that some people forget is going on and they adapt different practices, so our goal of today’s function is to build more awareness , to let people  know that hey these things exist in Dominica, people used to wash at the bay side, people used to fish from the rivers, people used to roast food, so we have  all of these things documented in some of  our magazines, some of our brochures,  so we really want to raise awareness to let people know that there are things that we used to do and we should still continue doing because it was healthy , it was these types of practices which had us commune together,” he said.

Providing a synopsis of the days event the cultural officer revealed “people I never thought was interested in some of our cultural  heritage or some of our books and stuff, they showed interest, asked questions on where they can purchase them and do we have more of that and why did we do this. We got a lot of questions which we had to answer and I find the interest of the public was very much appreciated.”

Due to the support shown, the Division is considering hosting this event on an annual basis.