UWP Incitement Case Further Adjourned

by: - June 12, 2019
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Photo obtained on Social Media of Linton and John exiting the courtroom yesterday

The controversial Court matter involving Leader of the United Worker Party (UWP), Hon. Lennox Linton has further been adjourned to June 18, 2019, succeeding yesterday’s court appearance.

Speaking to the media, Defense Attorney, Gildon Richards stated that the prosecution had failed to fulfill their last request.

“Today we were hoping to cross examine some witnesses but after some preliminaries we discovered that the Prosecution had not prepared the witnesses in the order that I requested and none of them attended so hopefully at our next meeting here those witnesses will present and I hope to proceed accordingly.”

According to him most of the witnesses which were to be examined were civilian witnesses however the prosecution did not summon them which he described as “very unfortunate.”

At the last hearing, Trinidad and Tobago Senior Council, Israel Khan who represents the Police in the Court matter had urged Magistrate Riviere to expedite the case claiming that it is “bigger than murder and has regional and international implications and the world was watching.”

However Richards said he would rather proceed with the matter without haste.

“I prefer take my time and let things be done properly because speed is not on my agenda at all, even though some people may wish to have speed.”

Also speaking to the media after Tuesday’s Court appearance, SC Khan said he was ready to proceed with the trial and despite a few setbacks, he is satisfied with the development of the case.

“I am happy with the process so far; it’s taking a long time – legal arguments – we are taking it one day at a time,” he said.

Meantime, Dr. Fountain who is charged with Incitement has not appeared for the matter and former Prime Minister Eddison James has not been served to appear in Court. SC Khan had requested a warrant for Fontaine’s arrest after he had failed to appear in Court which Magistrate Riviere agreed and issued.

Richards advised the Court not to have the names of James and Fontaine on the list with Linton since they are not jointly charged. Moreover, a ban which was issued on the general public and media personnel by Magistrate Riviere from sitting in on the matter has been lifted.

Despite his decision and after having read section 35 of the Magistrates Code of Procedure Act which empowers a Magistrate to bar the press and the public from preliminary inquiries, Riviere encouraged the press to demonstrate some level responsibility and report accurately.

“This is not a trial; it is a preliminary inquiry and it is not a public trial,” he said