Reconstructed Soufriere Primary School Soon to be Handed Over

by: - June 6, 2019
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Soufriere Primary School following passing of Hurricane Maria


A newly reconstructed Soufriere Primary School is almost ready to be handed over to the community in September.

The institution which was severely damaged  during the passing of Hurricane Maria in 2017 is currently undergoing reconstruction under Resilient Dominica.

Resilient Dominica is an organization which provides support to local communities in their recovery efforts.  Resilient Dominica focuses on building long-term resilience against the devastating impacts of natural disasters.

Project Manager, Simon Walsh told DA Vibes that the facility is currently in its final phase of repair and made clear his team’s efforts to ensure the school’s resilience is guaranteed.

“We are very proud of this resilient building that we have made there and it is a new technology that Resilient Dominica has brought into Dominica where it is concrete roof but its actually concrete panels. The roof was designed by an architect and so the roof is hurricane resistant,” he explained.

The school will be handed over in September of 2019, just in time for the new school year.

“We have completely redone everything, all the electrics, all the hardware on it is top quality stainless steel….. We are also doing a commercial grade kitchen which we hope will be able to be used for culinary classes so that we can train within the local community so that they can service the new hotels coming up, such as Petite Coulibris and Jungle Bay.”

Currently, students of the Soufriere Primary School are being housed at the Soufriere Catholic Church Hall.

Resilient Dominica Project manager, Simon Walsh