Press Release: DAIC Commits to Action through the Clinton Global Initiative

by: - June 5, 2019
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The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) commits to working with Arthur Waldron SDA Academy to introduce STEM into the school’s curriculum, as a pilot program. DAIC and the school will work together to adapt and introduce a new curriculum that will directly engage 100 students, 25 parents, and ten teachers over the period of one school year and provide all students with access to a STEM-based classroom.

This Commitment to Action was announced by Former Secretary of State and Former First Lady of the United States Hilary Clinton on Tuesday, May 4th, 2019 at the Clinton Global Initiative USVI Meeting at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas.

Implementing STEM education is the gateway to unleashing the students’ potential and creating an engaging school climate that epitomizes a definite thrust towards an aggressive promotion of technology and science‐based education that responds to the demands of today’s society. First, the team will secure equipment to furnish a STEM-based classroom with desktop computers, a smart television, a smart board, a robotics kit, and iPad tablets. The team will then work to identify lessons from other STEM initiatives, adapt these lessons to create a tailored program, and introduce a curriculum that integrates this access to technology.

Once developed, ten mathematics, information technology, and other related disciplinary teachers will be trained to execute this STEM program in their curriculum for 100 students. 25 parents will also be trained on best practices to engage students around STEM learning at home for reinforcement. The curriculum will include student participation in one-to-two science and mathematics fairs, competitions, and robotics camps over the school year.

DAIC will provide ongoing support in seeking sponsorship to finance the equipment for the program and ensure the team makes valuable connections with others working on STEM initiatives. The program operation will be managed by the school principal, and the school’s Board of Management will maintain the classroom equipment. The intention is that this program will ultimately be replicated through the Ministry of Education for the advancement of the entire educational curriculum in Dominica.