Police Asking for Better Accommodation

by: - June 5, 2019
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President  of the police welfare association Jefferson Drigo

Members of the Dominica Police Welfare Association (DPWA), on behalf of the Police force have sounded the call for respective authorities to make amends to accommodation for police force officers.

At a press conference on Tuesday 4th June 2019, President of the DPWA, Jefferson Drigo lamented on the lack of proper housing since the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Drigo further described the government as  being “tardy” in this particular area.

“The government is very tardy when it comes to the question of accommodation for police officers. When we look at places like the Special Service Unit, Traffic Department, Mahaut Police Station, Coulibistrie Police Station, Salybia. These places need urgent attention, this is where the officers live, where they eat and where they drink,” he stated.

Drigo also made it clear that police officers are hard working and indeed deserve fair treatment.

“Police officers are working very hard; I mean in every institution there is good and bad but generally police officers work very hard.”

The DPWA is expecting to meet with government officials on Friday 7th June 2019.