Eight Hundred and Forty-four Students to sit 2019 Grade six National Assessment

by: - May 29, 2019
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Measurement Officer, Candia Robinson

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is prepared to administer the annual Grade six National Assessment this week, which will be sat by a total of 844 students (444 girls, 844 boys).

Measurement Officer of the Ministry of Education, Candia Robinson indicated that this number represents a 12% decrease from last year when 965 students sat the exam.

“Last year we had 965 students, which is a twelve percent decrease and in 2016, we had 1086 students so it seems that every year our numbers are decreasing.”

According to Robinson, the examinations which are scheduled for Thursday 30th May and Friday 31st May 2019, will contain  Language Arts and Social Studies on day one, while on day two; Mathematics and Science will be administered.

“The Language Arts comprises of two papers, Paper One is a sixty item multiple choice which encompasses Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading Comprehension. There is also a Paper Two where students are asked to write a few paragraphs on the topic they have chosen, and after break they do Social Studies,” she explained.

Robinson continued, “On Friday, they have Math and Sciences. These are multiple choice items.”

She also mentioned that there are currently fifty-three examination centers and that due to reconstruction of a few primary schools, students will be dispersed in various other facilities.

“So there are some schools that actually go to different schools to do the exams. For example, Salisbury Primary School is currently still under repair so therefore they [the students] will go to the Coulibistrie Primary School to do their exams. Campbell comes down to Mahaut and in the North you have schools that would go to Paix – Bouche….”

Meanwhile, a special appeal was made to parents and guardians of students writing the examinations, advising them on evacuating the premises once the examinations are about to begin.  This, she says, is in an effort to prevent distractions to students.

“When you drop off your students to their centers, as soon as they’re done assembly [we ask]that you remove yourself from the premises, because remaining on the premises is going to get students a bit nervous. So they [parents] are not allowed at the testing centers while exam is in progress however they can come pick up the students when the examinations are over,” Robinson urged.

Day one of the Grade Six National Assessment will be completed by 1:00 p.m, while day two will end at 12:00 p.m.