Press Release: DMA Fencing to Host 1st Nature Island Invitational Tournament

by: - May 22, 2019
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The Dominica Fencing Association (DMFA), in order to bring more awareness to the sport and improve relations regionally, will be hosting the first ever Nature Island Invitational Tournament.   The one-week Tournament will commence August 19 and end August 23, 2019.

This invitational tournament will see participants from various Caribbean and Virgin Islands including but not limited to Guadeloupe, Martinique, Antigua and Barbados.  Additionally, we will seek to host this event annually as a means of bringing greater awareness to the sport.

The event will commence with the traditional weapons check on August 19, 2019, followed by the opening ceremony at 7:00pm at the Goodwill Parish Hall.  On the final day following the last event, there will be a closing ceremony where participants will be presented with certificates, trophies and medals.

We anticipate sponsorship from local business houses in order to make our event a successful one.  The Dominica Olympic Committee has been a major supporter of our sport and our endeavors thus far and we applaud them for their assistance.  The International Fencing Federation (FIE) through the Pan American Fencing Confederation has also been very supportive of the sport and their assistance has gone a long way in its development.

Participation in local, regional and international competitions, has given Dominica Fencing exposure and has aided in increasing knowledge and improving skill since the start of its program in 2014, and continues to grow and make successful strides.


Two of our male senior fencers, Marlon Marie and Cody Morris, will participate in the Pan American Seniors to be held in Toronto, Canada from June 27 to July 7, 2019.  Additionally, one of our female senior fencers, Andrea Bruno, will participate in an Epee training camp to be held in Budapest, Hungary from July 15 to July 23, 2019.

Individuals wishing to join our association or get more information, can visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Dominica-Fencing-Association-147564592108966/ or visit the Dominica Olympic Committee office on 40 Hillsborough Street in Roseau.