Dominica Observes African Liberation Week Under the Theme “Know Thyself”

by: - May 21, 2019
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Member of the African Week Planning Committee,  Dr Damien Dublin

The African Week planning committee has collaborated with the Roseau Public Library and the House of  Nyabinghi to observe African Liberation week from May 20th – May 27th 2019, under the theme “Know Thyself.”

Member of the African week planning committee, Dr. Damien Dublin conveyed that the aim of African Liberation week is to educate the black population on it’s history and implement the knowledge of black roots in the minds of the upcoming generation.

“We need to recognise that all of us came from the same roots and same stock, whether we live in different places; we might have different perceptions but it’s a matter of increasing the consciousness. If you have the knowledge and are aware of your history, you will be better equipped to face the world and to be able to chart your path because you would not want to copy other races and some things we use as role models. We have all the role models here for us to follow. We have the famous Nelson Mandela, we know Bob Marley through his music; all of that is part of the African Culture,” Dublin expressed.

Dr. Dublin also spoke of the significance of black history, “We want people to know that African History is not only about slavery because before slavery, Africa had a mighty civilisation.”

This week anticipates a number of activities which will end with an African wear march and rally in the city of Roseau, which according to Dr. Dublin begins at the Barracoon building near the cruise ship terminal.

“The Barracoon building is a very important building. That’s where the Africans came straight from Africa and were brought there, its like a wooden cell. And from there they were taken to the Old Market plaza where they were displayed to be sold and bought. So this two places are of significance and we would really like to keep them as a matrimonial area of interest,” he explained.

The march will begin from 3:00 p.m and all  persons are invited to join the parade dressed in African wear.