The Electoral Commission to Hold a Panel Discussion on the Electoral Process

by: - May 15, 2019
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Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Gerald Burton

The Electoral Commission of Dominica is prepared to host a panel discussion under the theme, “The Electoral Process: The way forward”, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies Open Campus and the Dominica State College.

According to Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Gerald Burton, one of the primary objectives of the panel discussion is to, “advance the Electoral Commission’s mandate to inform and educate the general public on electoral matters.”

“The ongoing discussions and debate in my view surrounding the electoral process in recent months, have unfortunately been mainly partisan in nature with little apparent efforts by the various sides of the debate to really listen to what the other is saying. Even where the efforts that engagement may be well needed, we have seen that it often fails to give proper consideration to the facts and to the law and is based on significant generalization and supposition ,” Burton said.

He expressed that the national panel discussion opens an avenue which will allow constitutions which are charged with the constitutional responsibility for the electoral process, to  clearly articulate their  views and present a  way forward in the electoral process.

“This we hope can be done in  a sober atmosphere and presented on the basis of the facts and in clear articulation. All stakeholders, in my opinion, have a vested interest in proving public confidence in our electoral process.”

Burton announced that the panel discussion carded for May 22nd 2019  anticipates the attendance of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Attorney General of the Government side of the House of Assembly and two representatives of the opposition side.