China-Dominica Friendship Hospital to be Handed Over End of May

by: - May 14, 2019
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First Phase of China-Dominica Friendship Hospital


On Monday 13th May 2019, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet accompanied by Chinese Ambassador to Dominica, Ambassador Lu Kun, paid a visit to the first phase of the China-Dominica Friendship Hospital, which will be handed over by the end of May 2019.

Following a grand tour of the Emergency Building,  Prime Minister, Honorable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit expressed his satisfaction with the work of the Chinese Government.

“Let me say how pleased I am in the efforts which the contracting firm has put into the construction of the hospital, recognizing the tremendous challenges that they have experienced after the passing of Hurricane Maria. I want to personally thank, on behalf of the government and myself, the ambassador of China and the Government of China for their commitment to Dominica,” he said.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that with the construction of the new medical facility, there will be a limit to the number of persons having to travel abroad for medical attention.

“We have always said to Dominicans that what we will like to see happen in Dominica is a situation where there will not be the frequent need of our citizens having to fly to other countries in the region to seek medical care. But this could not have happened with the existing facility, and this is why we have made the request of the Chinese Government to assist us with the construction of the hospital. ”

The Dominica leader confirmed that $45 million has been invested by the Chinese Government into Dominica’s Health care system and mentioned that the name “China-Dominica Friendship Hospital” represents the remarkable friendship between the two countries.

“I want not only current generations but succeeding generations to appreciate the contribution of China to Dominica. When you admire somebody, you name your children after that person. Well unfortunately Dominica doesn’t have a child so you can name that child but we have a facility which all of us will use at one point….. The China- Dominica Friendship Hospital, what a wonderful name.”

Dominica and China celebrated fifteen (15) years of friendship on March 23rd 2019.

Ambassador Lu Kun and Honorable Prime Minster interacting with contractor of the New Hospital