Linton plans to Continue NEP, promises 12,000 Jobs by 2025

by: - May 10, 2019
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Leader of the United Workers Party, Honorable Lennox Linton

Leader of the opposition,  Lennox Linton says that the United Workers Party plans to continue the National Employment Program (NEP) “once the party gains power.”

The NEP  which was implemented in December  2013 by the current Labour Party government was established  to assist the unemployed youth of Dominica in developing  job skills and gaining working experience, as well as  to assist micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in building the workforce.

Linton has, in the past, made comments opposed to the NEP stating that the program is used as a campaign strategy by the current administration.

“Right now our Dominicans in the unemployed category are being targeted as pawns in a political game through a National Employment Program,” was one of the remarks made by the United Workers Party leader at a press conference in 2014.

But addressing the media at a UWP press conference on Wednesday 10th May, Linton announced that the program will be continued under his leadership but differently.

“We have said we will continue the National Employment program but the program over time will become a lot more than what it is right now in terms of preparing people for the world of work. The way the National Employment Program runs right now which essentially provides employment for people to clean the sides of the road… that’s not new.. When growing up the public works department was taking care of that.”

Linton further announced that his government will provide 12,000 jobs in Dominica by the year 2025.

“The jobs will come in agriculture, the jobs will come in tourism, the jobs will come in manufacturing,  renewable energy and water industries.”