Youth Programs Available in Roseau South

by: - May 9, 2019
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Kemai John

Several Youth Programs and activities are now available within the Roseau South Constituency for young individuals interested in learning a new skill.

Project officer for the Roseau South district, Kemai John, told DA Vibes that one of the programs includes a ‘bwa-bwa Academy’ where students will be taught how to build the stilts.

“We have seen several students come on board to learn the cultural art form and it obviously contributes to the development of culture and also the development of talent”, he stated.

John expressed that instead of students being idle on the streets, they received an opportunity to engage in not only something  positive, but beneficial to them.

Additional activities available includes the Roseau South Nursery. He revealed that after the passing of Hurricane Maria, food security was highlighted as a major issue and also “we needed to replant the forest and reduce our Carbon sink.”

“Senator Jahisiah Beniot had the vision to do some form of plant propagation whilst addressing the issue of food security and also creating an environment whereby the children could understand and see from the beginning stages where the food comes from.”